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Getting into production, advertising, film making is a dream which many have. This dream our founder also had when he was pursuing his MBA, yeah we know we know then why MBA; believe us it’s complicated.
Anyhow this dream finally came into realization in 2013 when SRM Films became a formal entity. Initially started with projects in brand collaboration with WeChat, SRM Films soon became a known name in production and post production. But with the rise in digital platforms for entertainment and the inevitable pandemic, the entertainment industry broadened its horizons to OTT and short video apps. Hence with the ever expanding industrial verticals, SRM also started widening its services.

Know SRM

Content moderation, content labeling, and content sourcing – yeah content is king; influencer marketing, advertising, script writing, audio/video editing etc. are some of the major areas in which we have expertise in providing services.
With SRM Films, you not only have the expertise of a decade but also the advantage of working with a brand which has professionals from different parts of India. And with a diverse workforce, our content services are not limited to just 1-2 languages. Our content moderation and related services are spanned across 12 regional languages of India.

Meet Our Team

Gaurav Mittal
Jagruth K
Chief Operating Officer (COO)
Nancy Sharma
Ajay Singh
Writer and Director

SRM family is a total of 1200 + skilled, trained, professionals.

  • In content moderation and QC our team count : 300+
  • In content sourcing our team count : 300+
  • In content labeling and QC our team account : 600+